Is Vaping Addictive

Is Vaping Addictive

Smoking is proven to be medically addictive but is vaping?

We think it is much too early to tell whether vaping is addictive or not. Its hard to pinpoint with accuracy and only fair to say that vaping is still in its infancy and as time progresses there will be more information available to everyone.

What we do know is that vaping is a much better alternative to smoking and results in the body inhaling a lot less toxins and chemicals. It is also vastly cheaper, smells better, less mess and more importantly much better for your health than regular smoking.

Even if vaping is addictive with the benefits above surely it is a better option that all the other options available to you. Here at Wildfire Vape we are passionate about vaping and want to help you have a happier, healthier life than what you may achieve by smoking.

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