What Are the Benefits of Vaping –

Benefits of Vaping

Firstly, if you do not smoke or vape, we do not suggest that you do and therefore we have written this article to help give you the benefits of vaping over smoking.



Have you ever walked into a property where smoking takes place daily and what do you feel about the smell? That is right we see the difference in odour is astounding and it will mean you save on washing and a whole host of other things since the smoke is no longer a rather pungent smell more a vapour that will simply evaporate.


Much better for your health in fact there are a massive amount of chemicals in cigarettes that do not exist in a vape. So, you are no longer feeding your body all the toxins that cigarettes have in them.

So, the health impacts can also be beneficial. Your taste, smell and often other senses will vastly improve and more importantly your chest and other parts your body will improve too.


Now what about the costs? Most average smokers will consume around £10-00’s worth of cigarettes in a day and that could cost upwards of £310-00 per month which equates to over £3500-00 per year. Most average vapers will spend less than a quarter of that per year. With a saving of over £2000-00 per year you could save enough to even book yourself a holiday and that will also improve your mental health.


Did you know that with a vape you can also control the amount of nicotine that you put in the E-liquid using nicotine shots. This means that you could find it easier to wean yourself off nicotine altogether and over a period that you control. If you find stress levels increase and therefore you need to raise it again you can bring it back down when YOUR ready to.  




With cigarettes you will find that most will taste the same and that apart from the new dual or fresh type cigarettes most will have the same sort of flavour (unless of course you manipulate them with a polo in your mouth or similar). Vaping comes with a HUGE selection of flavours and therefore you can try different flavours that will suit a taste that you like and with so many we believe we have something for everyone.


You do not need any experience to vape, but we do suggest you read a little information and try to get advice on what might be best for your exact needs.

We love vapers and will always welcome you in our retail premises along the south coast or we can help you online so why not start shopping for your needs today in our online vape shop by clicking here.

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