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There is so many different terms in the vaping industry so we thought what a nice thing to do would be to put together a glossary of vaping terms so you can decipher what we mean when talking about vaping –

Atomiser – This is the part of the vape that turns Vape Juice or E-Liquid into a vapour. More commonly referred to as a coil.

ADV – This is something known as all day vape and refers to someone using the same vape juice throughout the whole day and not changing juice flavours.

Airflow – This is the amount of air that is sucked in via your vape device with each puff you take.

APV – Advanced Personal Vaporiser but more commonly known as a mod.

Automatic – When using a vape you will often find different styles of devices and an automatic device will mean you do not need to press a button just simply inhale from your vape and it will become active automatically.

Automatic Shutoff – A term used within vapes that is a safety feature so your vape will automatically cut out to prevent any overheating of the device for your safety.

Battery – As it says in the name the battery that powers your vaping device.

Blend – This is often referred to signal the amount of Glycol and Glycerine there is in your Vape Juice or E-Liquid.

Box Mod – A mod that is usually consisting of a battery that is shaped like a box.

Bridge – A part of your vape device that holds the E-Liquid and is usually disposable known also as an atomiser.

Clearomiser – The part of your vaping device that shows you how much E-Liquid you have left and is usually transparent.

Clouds – This is the term associated to how much smoke a vaper produces from 1 puff on their vape device.

Coil – The part of your vaping device that heats the E-Liquid to give you the vapour it produces.

DIY – Also known as do it yourself and is often someone making their own vape juices.

Drip Tip – This is the mouthpiece (usually removable) of your vaping device.

Dry Hit – If your coil has burnt out you will use this term to describe the puff you take.

E-Liquid – This is the vape juice that you will put into the vape device.

LED – The terminology to describe the light on a vaping device when you puff on it.

MG – This reflects the amount of nicotine in one ML of Vape Juice/E-Liquid

MOD – Mods are vaping devices that are made up of separate components. They will also come with the ability to control the wattage on your device too.

No NIC – This is a term that is relevant to the fact that the vape juice has no nicotine content

PG – PG stands for Propylene Glycol which is one of the ingredients that is used in E-Liquids.

Re-Buildables – This term associates with the vaper being able to rebuild their own coils and wicks within their vaping devices. Often Re-Buildables are used by expert vapers or seasoned veterans of vaping.

Regulated Mod – Put simply this is a vaping device that has cut off features to ensure your safety and that the device does not overheat.

Starter Kits – This is usually a basic vaping kit for someone that has just started vaping and include a full kit so you have everything you need to start vaping.

Vape Tanks – This is a bigger clearomiser that enables your device to hold more vape liquid so it lasts longer.

VV – Put simply means variable voltage and gives you the control on the device to be able to enable longer, shorter or less or more powerful hits.

Wick – This is a piece of cotton or fabric that is in the cartridge that absorbs the vape juice/E-Liquid ready for vaping.

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