The Reasons We Love Vaping Over Smoking –

The Reasons We Love Vaping Over Smoking

Being a company that sells anything vape related it is natural that we will be biased but we wanted to write down a few reasons why we fell in love with vaping and why Wildfire Vape was born.

The main reason was our own shopping experience prior to our business being born was that of not much range, expensive costs, and even worse customer service. Here at Wildfire Vape you can expect the exact opposite and here are the reasons we all love vaping –

1 – Cheaper Than Smoking – In comparison did you know that you could save thousands of pounds a year by simply switching to vaping. That is a family of 4 going on holiday at least once a year.

2 –Safety – Vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes. That is right it has hundreds less toxins and chemicals meaning that it is a much safer option in our opinion.

3 – There’s Lot of Vapers – With 3.2 million vapers in the UK alone you are not alone. Over 2 million people have been able to quit smoking and vaping is still in relative infancy.

4 – Less Mess – Do you remember or even have ashtrays laying around (if smoking indoors) or do you have an outside area that is littered with dog ends? Either way vaping is so much cleaner and easier to maintain in terms of cleanliness.

5 – So Much Range – There must be thousands of juices to choose from and with so many what is apparent is that the selection is so much more enticing than what you might find in a cigarette kiosk. It also smells better too.

6 – No Nicotine- You do not have to buy vape juice with nicotine in so technically you could even control your intake of nicotine over a period to get to a point where you no longer need it.

However you look at it, there is no reason why we should not be open to trying vaping as a much healthier option than smoking.

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