How To Clean My Vape The Right Way.

How To Clean My Vape The Right Way

Cleaning a vape is never going to be an easy task if it is something that you have not done before. It is also good to clean and maintain your vape regularly to extend its life and keep it in optimum conditions for vaping.

Factor in the vape liquid build up and it could also be affecting the taste of the new E-liquids you may be putting in to give you a taste that is not relevant to the E-liquid you have used. Also clogging up certain parts of the vape can mean that your device does not work at the level it should do and therefore make vaping less appealable to you.

So, we thought what better way to help our readers than put together a guide with some hints and tips on how to clean your vape.

At this point it is more than important to mention that different vapes are built in entirely different ways so it may be best to consult the instructions to get an idea on how to take your vape apart correctly.

Once you have taken your vape apart and emptied any vape liquid we are ready to start. Firstly, we feel that the first step is to run all the parts (apart from the battery and its casing or holder) under warm water for a minute or so to get rid of any leftover liquid so that it becomes easier to clean from this point.

Once you have the run the different parts (apart from the coil) under warm water we have found that kitchen roll is a great way of removing any leftover residue and drying each section so that it is touch dry. Utilising a cloth or more kitchen towel to put the parts on afterwards will also mean protecting the surface you have chosen to use to put the parts.

Whilst your vape is now clean it will still need time to dry so again we would advise leaving the vape for around 30 mins to dry naturally before putting it back together to the use it again

For a basic clean of your vape the above should be sufficient enough but quite often people may want to do more of a thorough and deep clean.

There will be several areas that could be quite hard to get to with kitchen towel so maybe utilise the use of cotton buds but, be careful not to use too much pressure and ensure that you keep clear of the coil.

For a deeper clean we have also found that a small bowel of warm water with a small drip of washing up liquid will work for you to soak the different parts in to then follow the steps above, so you have a thoroughly clean vape that is ready to use again in less than an hour.  

Making sure that you replace the coil when needed will also be a big factor in taste and flow but we will cover that in another post.

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