How To Maintain My Vape

Maintenance Of Your Vape And Maintaining It Correctly

You may have invested a decent amount of money into a vape and want to ensure that you prolong the life of it. By maintaining your vape correctly we can help you achieve that so felt it was right to put our thoughts into an article on how to maintain your vape.


Firstly, the part that makes your vape work from the beginning is the battery and without the right charging or even over charging you may find that you decrease the batteries life. For example, a dirty terminal on your battery could mean that your vape does not function correctly or even lessen the impact of the battery on the device meaning it does not run efficiently or as it should do.

Leaving your battery to run down so that there is a little charge left before you charge it will also help you prolong the life of the battery. Making sure you do not let the battery encounter water is imperative as this can also cause all sorts of problems.


Keeping your vape upright will ensure that no E-liquid spills out of the compartment that holds it and mean that your not throwing pennies down the drain. Also ensuring that your vaping device is stored at the correct temperatures (indoors in a warm environment) will help prolong the life of your vape. When working in extremely hot or cold areas it is advisable to leave your vape in a place where it does not encounter those temperatures.


When putting your vape back together please be sure to only use enough tightening power to make it seal correctly. Over tightening could lead to breakage, cross threading or worse needing a new vape which could become a rather costly mistake.


There are a number of vapes on the market that will allow you to fill your vape to the max but we advise that it is best to keep the level just below the maximum mark to avoid spillage that could cause issues later on. It is important to make sure you have enough E-liquid but by over filling the vape you could find yourself using a vape that is covered in liquid or even broke.

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