Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt

There are a number of reasons that could lead to your vape tasting like it is burnt. This can be anything from not having enough wick covered in E-liquid through to needing a new coil and a process of elimination may be required to work out exactly what is causing the issue.

You may have just taken a long vapour in and found yourself wondering why it suddenly has burnt the back of your throat as opposed to being a nice flow of usual tasting vape and many have found themselves in exactly that position.

Without enough liquid in your vape your coil will start to burn the wick and will therefore lead to you essentially inhaling burnt wick which is why you are now looking for answers. Please firstly take a look in the chamber and make sure that you have enough liquid in there and that it is also covering the relevant parts to ensure you are inhaling the liquid correctly.

Maybe your wattage is too high? This can also cause a problem and lead to you feeling like you are vaping on a burnt bit of charcoal. Try turning it down and take a small inhale to see if you still get the same result.

Have you been constantly vaping for 5 mins or so back-to-back? This can lead to the wick drying out and therefore also result in you getting a taste that resembles burning and is not pleasant at all.

Have you primed your coil correctly? Quite often this is the main reason that a vaper will taste a burning when inhaling. Making sure you have primed it correctly and left it for a few minutes to absorb into the wick will give you a much smoother vape and ensure this doesn’t happen for the same reasons again.

Finally, it may be that you need to replace the coil and again this is something that you should do regularly (dependent on how much you use the device). If you need some help with how to replace a coil or would like to look at other options why not get in touch with the team here at Wildfire Vape to find out more.

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