Is Vaping Safe –

Is Vaping Safe

With vaping is the UK is it safe? Here at Wildfire Vape we have been selling vape products since our inception and thus far never had any reports of anything negative. In fact, we have had the polar opposite with many of our customers reporting better finances, renewed energy and even some saying that their breathing has improved since quitting smoking and using our vape products.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers know how to use their devices properly and will always ensure that they leave our retail establishments with a smile on their face. So, is vaping safe?

We categorically cannot say 100% that vaping is safe as 1 – we are not the medical and scientific experts with authority and 2 – there is no firm evidence of vaping not being safe however, all the evidence so far says that vaping is a far less harmful and safer option than smoking.

Vaping has also been seen as a much more effective way of quitting when compared to nicotine patches or even gum and can be almost twice as effective to help a smoker quit.

We are watching from afar and when the news hits that vaping is safe, we will certainly be shouting about it from the rooftops (we are confident this will happen in due course). In the meantime, if you would like to quit smoking why not start now at

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