Why Is Vaping So Popular –

Why Is Vaping So Popular

There is no doubt that when vaping first begun it took a little while to catch on and that may be down to customer confidence but today vaping is becoming the new smoking. With figures showing 41 million vapers in 2018 we can see an upward trend that is becoming more prevalent with each year that passes.

Smoking a normal cigarette will give you hundreds of chemicals and toxins that are more harmful than good but with vaping you only get the nicotine. Could this be the reason vaping is becoming more popular?

The devices look and feel great and more importantly are becoming more of a fashion icon (in our younger audiences). Could this be the reason vaping is more popular?

You can create some amazing vape clouds and often will find that the more powerful the device the better the cloud. Again, could this be the reason that vaping is becoming more popular?

We think it is a combination of the above and several other factors including cost, smell and other things that are primarily more relevant to the individual that is vaping.

With so many flavours, devices and designs we can see clearly that there will remain an upward trend for many years to come.

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